Christmas 2016
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I am still keeping on keeping on. Doing a little bit of therapy, which I love. Running the Community Dinner...115,000 free meals to date, but a bit more in the background. We have a wonderful cook who comes on Tuesday to prepare the meal and I am there when I can be while managing all of the volunteers, finances, fund raising, etc. Just because I do not have enough to do I have begun officiating at weddings.


June I went to Wisconsin for a cousin's reunion.

Family Reunion

September my sisters, Mary and Darcie, our mother and I went on the train to Glenwood Springs, spent the night, swam in the hot springs pool and took the train back. A trip I recommend to everyone!
I never get tired of family!

Mary, Darcie, Deborah and our mother, Helen

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Deborah Hage, MSW

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