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Attachment Disorder: Additional Resources
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Ontario RAD Families
Learn about Reactive Attachment Disorder and what that means  for us raising a child with this (and several other) mental health issues in the Ontario, Canada area.

Attachment and Trauma Network (ATN)

Raising the Post-Institutionalized Child Risks, Challenges and Innovative Treatment
by Dr. Ronald S. Federici

The Parent Network for The Post-institutionalized Child (PNPIC) connects families throughout the United States and Canada who have adopted children from Eastern European maternity hospitals, orphanages, institutions for the irrecuperable or street children. Many of these children arrive with problems. The article investigates the root causes of these disorders and their treatments. It is hoped that all who intend to adopt children from institutions in Eastern Europe are prepared for the possibility of providing long term therapies for their children.

The Institute For Attachment & Child Development at Evergreen is a leader in working with children affected by Reactive Attachment Disorder. This site contains a wide variety of valuable information. There is information on symptoms, selected articles from their newsletter, an excellent and extensive bibliography (many of the books can be ordered through their site), current research, and a calendar of up-coming training events which they conduct around the United States and Canada. Additionally, training information on becoming an attachment specialist is offered.

The Kuddle Kids site is full of wonderful and practical ideas for discipline interventions and parenting techniques.

The Attachment Disorder Support Group. Check out the articles section.

The Physical Restraint of Children: Is It Therapeutic?
Dr. Howard Bath, American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, January 1994. Restraint and seclusion are compared as responses to dangerous aggression, and a number of theoretical warrants for the use of physical restraint with children are reviewed, with a primary focus on its attachment-promoting possibilities. Parallels are drawn between sound physical restraint procedures and the temporal phases upon which the holding therapies are based.

Please let our webmistress know what other sites would be useful to include that would help those searching for more information on attachment related issues.


An Officer and A Gentleman
Look at the history of the cadet, his devious means of avoiding the rules, the intrusive techniques the sergeant uses to break him down and increase his vulnerability, and the resulting successful officer who respects the gifts his sergeant gave him and appreciates the sergeant as a friend who will be missed.

The Miracle Worker
This movie is very old, black and white and difficult to find. Observe how the family avoids disciplining Helen and the resulting emotional disturbance she exhibits. Notice how Annie takes control in very intrusive ways and the astounding results. Obviously holding therapy today does not bear any resemblance to Annie's techniques, nonetheless, the emotional response is the same.

Prince of Tides
Watching this movie will give insight into the effects of childhood trauma and how Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome plays out in the lives of adults who witnessed/experienced violence as a child.

Thin Blue Line
A re enactment of a true story about the murder of a police officer. The viewer is left to question who really killed the officer. A study in the ability of adults with attachment disorder to con, manipulate and evade taking responsibility for their behavior.

What other movies are useful to watch in order to gain insight into attachment issues? Let us know!


Touch - Ashley Montagu
This excellent book, updated frequently over the last years, covers the essentials of touch from numerous perspectives. Notably, it points out how critical it is to child development to be touched in a variety of ways. Describing the whys and hows of therapeutic touch, and how early mothering contributes to healthy touch, makes this book an important addition to the library of anyone who wants to understand "Attachment Disorder."

Giving Away Simone - Jan Waldron
An engrossing memoir by a woman who "gave away her baby, Simone" for adoption and realized that Simone was the fifth generation of women abandoned by their mothers. As Jan re-establishes a relationship with her daughter they determine to break the cycle of abandonment. An engrossing description of the emotional fallout on both sides of adoption and how attachment issues surface even when the child is loved, wanted and never abused by either the relinquishing or the adopting parents.

Introducing Elizabeth
Elizabeth is in therapeutic foster care due to the stress she placed on her adoptive parents. As part of her therapy for attachment disorder she was expected to keep a journal. Her therapists in Seattle, Tom Gill and Beverly Cuevas, were so impressed they encouraged her to publish it. With the help of her foster mother, Kathy Bishop, they have printed it and it is available for others to read. Elizabeth describes in detail the negative and extreme behaviors which she chose and which caused her to be removed from her home. She discusses her relationships with others and her therapy to overcome her attachment disorder. This is very well written and would be an excellent book to share with children, families, case workers, therapists and others who are affected by Reactive Attachment Disorder. The book is available from Elizabeth. Send $5, made out to Kathy Bishop, to 3403 Valley View Road, Ashland, Oregon, 97520.

This list will be more useful if it is continually updated. Please, as you find resources on attachment related topics which would be worthwhile including in this list, send me a copy and how it can be found and I will include it for others to access as well.